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Our lab is oriented towards developing scientific advances for the understanding of the structure, functioning and dynamics of ecological systems, with emphasis on freshwater communities. Our horizon is to understand how form and function of ecological systems interact to give rise observed biodiversity, and use this knowledge to project the responses of living systems to actual or potential environmental disruptions.

Presently, our group performs theoretical as well as experimental research in the fields of theoretical ecology with emphasis on dynamics of complex ecological networks, ecology of freshwater zooplankton and ecotoxicology.

We are located at the Biodiversity Laboratories of the National Center for the Environment (CENMA), a Foundation of the University of Chile.


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Recent papers   Current research project funded by FONDECYT.
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Vazquez, D., Ramos-Jiliberto, R., Urbani, P., Valdovinos, F.S. A conceptual framework for studying the strength of plant-animal mutualistic interactions. Ecology Letters, in press, 2015.

  The interplay between phenological, adaptive and long-term dynamics of ecological networks

Reyes, C., Ramos-Jiliberto, R., González-Barrientos, J. Temporal variability of food determines the outcome of pesticide exposure in Daphnia. Ecological Research, in press, 2015.

  Life cycles, phenology, and the dynamics of ecological networks. Researchers: Rodrigo Ramos-Jiliberto and Pablo Moisset de Espanés. To be executed between April 2012 and March 2015.

Aránguiz-Acuña, A., Ramos-Jiliberto, R., Serra, M. Zooplankton competition promotes trade-offs affecting diapause in rotifers. Oecologia 177: 273-279, 2015.


Garay-Narváez, L., Arim, M., Flores, J.D., Ramos-Jiliberto, R. Food web modularity and biodiversity promote species persistence in polluted environments. OIKOS, in press, doi:  10.1111/j.1600-0706.2013.00764.x, 2013.


Razeto-Barry, P. & Ramos-Jiliberto, R. (eds.). Autopoiesis. Un concepto vivo. Editorial Universitas Nueva Civilización, Santiago, Chile, 2013.

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